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9 Reasons To Dance Argentine Tango

August 3, 2017


1. Meet New People


Social dancing is a great way to meet new people, whether you're looking to expand your social network, make new friends or meet that special someone. With weekly group classes and regular dance events those bonds will be easy to forge and maintain. Before you know it, you’ll be part of a community and you’ll immediately have a topic in common for easy conversation starters!    


2. Acquire New Skills


I’m not just talking about dancing skill which of course you’ll pick up! As a partner dance, you’ll also be acquiring skills in communication, cooperation, lead and follow, and improvisation, all of which can naturally translate in other areas of your life. And let’s not forget all the social skills. As I mentioned above, you’ll be meeting and dancing with lots of new people, coming from all walks of life.


3. Discover a New Hobby


Tango will definitely keep you busy! After weekly classes you’ll probably start to think about going to a practica (an informal dance where you can practice with other dancers). Soon enough you’ll want to go out dancing to the milongas (kind of like a latin club but specifically for tango). Then you know you’re really hooked when you start traveling to tango festivals and marathons (weekend retreats where you can take workshops with famous instructors, see performances and dance at daytime and evening milongas)


4. Get Intimate


Tango is a dance that goes as deep as you let it. You can stay on the surface and just learn the moves. But most people discover that tango has immense potential for connection. Without words we can express so much about ourselves to the partners we dance with and learn a ton about them too! And be prepared to get intimate with yourself as well! As with relationships, the process of connecting with others offers many insights into our inner worlds.


5. A Creative Outlet


Learning to dance tango is more like learning a language. First you learn words, than you start to make sentences, then paragraphs and so on. Once you become facile with the sentence structure and grammar, the possibilities are endless! And you’ll be improvising on the spot, just like when you’re having a conversation with someone, only it’s with movement instead of words. How cool is that?!  


6. Feed Your Curiosity


Tango is a complex dance. Well let me put it this way: It’s a bottomless black hole. You could study it for your whole life and still find new things to discover! And it’s constantly evolving so whatever you thought you knew will probably have a new look/feel or dynamic next year! With so many layers to uncover, I can promise you you’ll never get bored!


7. Improve Your Mind / Body Awareness


Dancing tango requires quite a bit of coordination. You'll be putting your attention on different body parts as well as trying to integrate the body as a whole. Sometimes you'll understand parts of it intellectually while your body plays catch up and other times your body gets it before it ever enters your brain! Then of course we have to be aware of all the signals coming from our partners and that means learning where your body ends and your partner's begins!


8. An International Community


One of the most beautiful things about tango is that it is danced all over the world. Almost any city and many small towns have a tango community. You could be on vacation in Japan and decide you'd like to meet some locals... walk into a tango club and you've just made a bunch of new connections! Honestly, though, once you're hooked, you'll be traveling FOR TANGO... and your next vacation destination will become... well... probably Buenos Aires... and then Buenos Aires again... soon I'd say you're probably just gonna be scheming about how you can run away and go live in Tango Mecca forever!


9. An Ageless Dance


You'll see everyone from young adults to seniors, all dancing in the same place, and it's not unlikely to see mixed ages dancing with each other. So the good news is that its never too late to start dancing tango and you can keep on dancing it for the rest of your life!


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9 Reasons To Dance Argentine Tango

August 3, 2017

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