FEBRUARY 16-24, 2019

9 Days

to eat, sleep and breath

the culture of tango

in the Motherland!

  • 5 Seminars with world-class instructors (3 hours each)

  • 1 Introductory Spanish Class (1 hour)

includes a packet with useful phrases, tango terminology, map of Buenos Aires (with milonga and other tango locations)

  • Excursions to both famous and underground milongas

  • Dance Assistants at the milongas

Skilled dancers who will help you practice what you've been learning or just give you a great dance!

  • Practica with Dance Assistants

A practica for just us and our crew of dance assistants! Your chance to practice what you've been learning and get feedback!

  • 1 Welcome Brunch Buffet

  • 1 Asado (Argentine BBQ) with "Charla"   (Talk / Q&A) with our instructors

  • 1 Peruvian Dinner

A four-course traditional Peruvian dinner made special for us by an incredible Peruvian chef!

  • 2 Yoga / Stretching Classes (1 hour each)

To help our bodies keep up with all the dancing we're gonna do!

  • Breakfast / Coffee / Afternoon Snacks

Medialunas, pastries, fruits, juice, veggies, eggs, and other options for vegans

  • 1 Bonus Class with VK and Partner (1.5 hrs)

Plus we will organize excursions to go tango shoe/clothing shopping,

site-seeing and dining based on individual interest. 


Since 2014 I have spent more time in Buenos Aires than back home in the US - exploring every nook and cranny BA has to offer, learning spanish, studying tango with a variety of teachers, and of course dancing ALL THE TIME!

So I am beyond thrilled to finally share this experience with you! I know just how hard it can be to figure out where to dance, who to study with, how to get around and all the other logistical stuff that took me MONTHS to figure out, not to mention how to get dances at the milongas!

I am constantly getting messages from people asking for my recommendations on Buenos Aires.  So finally I decided to follow the wind and create this guided tour for you! So, my tango obsessed friend... just sit back - er.. I mean put your tango shoes on and let me organize the logistics while you focus on having fun and dancing to the max!!!  



$925 USD
BUT please read carefully below:
50% deposit due by October 1, 2018
to reserve your spot.
Final amount due by December 1, 2018
*If you need to make this payment in 3 installments instead of 2 please contact me.
This DOES NOT include:
airfare, lodging, meals (except for the ones listed above)
milonga admission, private lessons, additional classes
site-seeing and transportation
I have kept these costs separate to accommodate the varying needs, interests and budgets of each participant.
At the bottom of this page you will find a list of estimated costs so you can budget the rest of the trip.
In general I would budget an additional $2000 to cover the above or more if you plan
to go bananas with buying tango shoes or taking private lessons!
REFUND POLICY: A full refund of your payment will be possible up until December 1. After that a 50% refund will be possible until December 15. However, after December 15, I cannot make a refund as it will be too late for someone else to take your spot. But you may transfer your spot to someone else with my approval.
Step 1: Fill out the form below
Step 2: You will receive a link to pay your 50% deposit
Step 3: Make sure we are friends on Facebook
(we will be communicating with the other participants through a facebook group chat)
Primary Role
Lodging Preference



A gorgeous guest house, rich with historic charm located in the neighborhood of Recoleta, conveniently central to many of the city's milongas.

The guest house has a studio where most of our scheduled activities will take place. It is also free for guests to use whenever they like so you can practice in your free time!

There is also a beautiful rooftop terrace where we will have our welcome brunch and asado/charla with the instructors. 



Single Rooms $30 USD / Per Night
Double Rooms w/ shared bath $50 USD / Per Night
Double Rooms w/ private bath $60 USD / Per Night
Please send a message directly to EVA KARSZA, owner/manager of the guest house to book your room.



Since there are not enough rooms to accomodate our whole group, once the guest house fills, you can book at La Maleva Tango Guest House which is just a 12 minute walk from the Casa De Sol and also has single/double rooms available. If you prefer a hotel I recommend the Hotel O-Baires which is 2 blocks from the guest house and also has reasonable rates. I also suggest checking out airbnb if you'd prefer to have different accomodations during your stay.


There are 2 small single rooms with shared bath; 2 double rooms with shared bath, and 1 double room with private bath. So they can accommodate a total of 8 people if some of you choose to have a roommate. If you'd like to coordinate with someone we will have a facebook group for all of the participants.


*Subject to change
*Activities that don't have times listed next to it means that the timing is flexible or that people may venture out separately


  • Arrive / Settle-In / Money Exchange

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks will be available

  • Group Dinner Outing

  • Milonga Excursion (if you're up for it)

WednesDAY, Day 5

  • FREE DAY! (OPTIONS: Site-Seeing / Schedule Private Lessons / Rest / Shoe Shopping / Practice and milonga excursion in the evening)

  • 7:00-8:30PM Bonus Lesson with VK & Partner

  • 8:30PM Peruvian Dinner


  • 11:00AM-2:00PM Group Brunch

  • 12:00-1:00PM (During Brunch) Spanish Crash Course - The Basics

  • 2:00-5:00PM First Seminar

  • Milonga Excursion

monDAY, DAY 3

  • 12:00-1:00PM Yoga / Stretching

  • 2:00-5:00PM Second Seminar

ThursDAY, day 6

  • 12:00-1:00PM Yoga / Stretching

  • 2:00-5:00PM Fourth Seminar

  • Milonga Excursion

FRIDAY, day 7

  • 2:00-5:00PM Fifth Seminar 

  • 6:30-8:00PM Practica with Assistants

  • Milonga Excursion

  • Milonga Excursion

TuesDAY, Day 4

  • 2:00-5:00PM Third Seminar 

  • Milonga Excursion


  • FREE DAY! (OPTIONS: Site-Seeing / Schedule Private Lessons / Rest / Shoe Shopping / Practice and milonga excursion in the evening)

  • 7:00PM Charla (Talk w/ Q&A) with all of our instructors

  • 9:00PM Rooftop Asado (Argentine BBQ)

SUNDAY, day 9

  • Departure Day. For anyone not leaving yet we can do an excursion to the San Telmo Market which is a definite Sunday must!

our instructors

Julio Balmaceda and Virginia Vasconi

Marina Kenny

Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido

Cecilia Garcia y Serkan Gokceksu

Pedro Farias and Veronika Kruta

+ ONE MORE - STILL WAITING TO CONFIRM! Thank you guys for you patience!

FLIGHTS: $800-$1400 USD

TAXI TO/FROM AIRPORT: 700-800 pesos


Breakfast in cafe: 150-250 pesos

Lunch/Dinner in casual restaurant: 200-350 pesos

Lunch/Dinner in fancy restaurant: 350-600 pesos

Empanadas (typical at milongas): 30 pesos

Non-Alcoholic drinks at milongas: 50 pesos

Bottle of wine: 200-450 pesos 


taxi ride to most milongas: 100-200pesos 

subway: 13 pesos / ride


Milonga: 100-180 pesos

Practicas: 80-100 pesos

Private lessons: 


Please note that Argentina has a very unstable economy and the peso to dollar exchange rate can fluctuate so please check the current exchange rate to estimate costs in dollars

additional estimated costs


The best way to stay up to date is to join the facebook event. Once we have confirmed the participants we will start a facebook group for just us so we can chat about details. 

For questions please feel free to get in touch with me at:



or on facebook